7 Ways To Make Your Camp Chair Warmer

If the thought of sitting in your camping chair in the freezing cold isn’t appealing to you, maybe your camping chair could use some sprucing up. Here are some ways to heat it up for a warmer, more comfortable experience.

You can either warm your camping chair adding insulation to your camping chair, modifying your outfit, opting for a heating pad, or alternatively you can purchase a heated camping chair.

Of course, these options are just the start. It’s worthwhile to know all the methods available for getting your camping chair warmed up so that you can pick the one that is ideal for your needs and your budget. Not everyone wants to purchase a whole new chair just for a warm tushy, but some campers might!

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Read on and you’ll discover 7 ways to make your camp chair warmer and how you can make them work for your camping trips.

7 Ways To Make Your Camp Chair Warmer

Many people loathe getting out of bed on a cold morning. This can be especially true when you’re camping and it took a lot of effort to make your bed into a sanctuary of warmth. However, you might be a little bit more excited about starting the day if you know your camping chair will also provide some heated protection against the cold.

Below are 7 ways you can ensure the time spent in your camping chair is as warm as possible. Once you’ve learned all about warming up your camping chair, feel free to stop by our article on staying warm in general while camping in cold weather. There, you will find all the tips and tricks for not only staying warm, but comfortable in temperatures that have dipped below freezing. You’ll be able to find it here.

Insulate Your Chair

Adding some insulation to your chair is a great method for helping it to retain heat. You also have a couple of different options for doing this. If you’re willing to spend a little money, you can purchase a chair like this insulated Coleman. This chair includes insulation that you can remove as needed.

If you want something a little simpler, an underquilt for your chair is also a great option. Furthermore, it’s one that isn’t too difficult to make yourself. This handy camping chair underquilt DIY video from Rmarvids is worth a look if you’d rather just make and add some chair insulation yourself.

DIY Camp Chair Underquilt

The way an underquilt works is by trapping the air underneath your chair to prevent airflow from causing “evaporative cooling.” Moving air makes you cold QUICK, so it’s important to try and minimize airflow.

Use Hand Warmers

When you know you’re going to be camping in chilly weather, hand warmers can be your best friend. They’re relatively inexpensive, long-lasting, and versatile. You can keep a couple of them in your pockets to warm up your hands or toss some into your sleeping bag to help ensure a warm, cozy sleep.

Similarly, you can place some on your chair to help warm it up as needed. Sitting on the small bags may not be the most comfortable, but the relaxing heat provided by the hand warmers is sure to make up for it. Just bring along plenty and you’ll have all the warmth you need!

From my involvement in camping communities, this is a very popular and effective option that many people use.

Try A Heating Pad

Versatility is what makes a heating pad so great. Unlike heated camping chairs, heated pads can be used in multiple places. You can move a heated pad with you from the campfire to a picnic table, or even to bed. If you’re really feeling gracious you can even share it with someone else so that they can get some heat.

There are a wide number of heated pads out there. If you want something more specific to the shape of a camping chair, the Chaheati Add-On pads are well worth a look. Otherwise, you can opt for something much simpler that you can easily move from place to place.

What will be worth keeping in mind is that many heating pads do need to be plugged in during use. Consequently, they’ll only be fit for trips where you have electrical hookups and extension cords. Furthermore, it’s a good idea to avoid getting them wet. There are some options out there that are rechargeable, so keep those in mind if you know electrical resources will be slim.

Here’s an example of a battery powered heating pad on Amazon–they are a bit tricky to find. The warmth of a battery-powered pad will not be as strong as a coreded pad.

Electric Blanket

Electric blankets often require an outlet but they occasionally can be found battery powered, such as this one on Amazon. They share some of the characteristics and advantages of a heating pad but the heat won’t be as concentrated.

A blanket like this definitely could definitely go a long way in making your sleep a lot more comfortable as well.

A common complaint with these battery-powered blankets is that they are not warm enough. This makes sense–the power difference between an outlet-powered blanket and a battery-powered blanket is really big.

Buy A Heated Camping Chair

If you’re tired of trying other methods for warming up your camping chair and just want something that can handle the job for you, there’s certainly no shame in purchasing a heated camping chair. These chairs are made with added electrical heating elements to ensure you are warm and comfortable while sitting in them.

Options like The Hot Seat are quite popular. This folding chair uses a USB plugin for charging purposes. Because of that, you may need either an electrical hookup where you’re camping, or you’ll need to be careful with the battery life. Depending on the battery you purchase, there may only be a few hours of warmth to enjoy at a time.

It seems however that many of these heated camping chairs are made by off-brands that go in and out of stock really quickly.

For a more premium edition from a more stable brand, you can try Kuva’s heated camping chairs that look amazingly deluxe.

Dress Warm

The most obvious option when it comes to staying warm is to dress warmly. However, there are only so many layers you can put on before you’re uncomfortable in a whole new way.

This is especially true when it comes to layering up your pants. You can certainly throw on some thermals underneath, but much more than that may leave you feeling stiff. That said, it’s a great place to start when you want to keep warm.

If you take a look around the web for tips on getting the most warmth from your clothing, you may find that there are some hotly debated aspects. One such example includes whether cotton is a good idea to use as your base layer or not.

While some may find cotton to be extremely comfortable, others have concerns about the risks of wearing it while hiking or camping. In our article on the topic here, we’ll take a look at whether or not cotton is the best base layer for your camping outfits.

To sum it up, if you are hanging around the campsite and you’re not facing extreme weather conditions (think sleet, heavy snow, or heavy rain), then your good old waffle-knit cotton thermals will work fine.

Bring a Blanket

Second to dressing in warm clothing, you can also pack along a blanket to snuggle up with while you’re in your camping chair. Some may prefer small lap blankets while others use a simple throw blanket.

The only thing to keep in mind here is to be careful with that blanket. Avoid getting it too close to the fire and put it away somewhere safe and dry when you aren’t using it. No one wants a rain-soaked blanket left in a chair they’ve been trying to keep warm.

If you want some extra protection from dirt and rain, you can also opt for a camping blanket. While they may not be as soft as a fleece throw blanket, they can absolutely keep you warm. On top of that, camping blankets are designed to be easy to spot clean and more resistant to getting wet. That said, they will still need proper care to stay in good condition.

For an example of a camping blanket, check out this one here.

Try An Outdoor Heater

If you are really in need of some extra heat for your seating space, an outdoor heater might not be a bad idea. A portable heater can help to heat up not only your chairs but the whole area in general. Typically, a campfire is enough to keep things cozy, but that might not be the case in all temperatures.

A small portable heater can easily be used outdoors or to warm up your tent in the evening before bed. Just be careful to purchase the right kind of heater and use it carefully. On the other hand, a larger patio heater like this Hampton Bay can be a great choice for keeping the places you hang out in perfectly warm.

While heaters can be incredibly convenient for camping, it’s important to know how to use them safely. Some heaters present more of a risk than others, especially if you do opt to try one out in your tent. Learn more in our article on the topic here.

Additionally, remember that at a campsite any available power might not have the same amperage support that you have in your house. Just because a heater will work in your house doesn’t meant that your campsite will have enough power capacity to support it. Often campgrounds will have the power capacity listed–make sure and compare so you have what you need if you choose to use an outdoor heater.


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