Car Camping Gear: The Useful, the Nice-To-Have, and the Can’t Live Withouts

The motto of this site, is: Keep Adventure Simple. I personally believe that much of the fun in car camping doesn’t require tons of up-front costs. I admit, I’m not the person to go buy the most expensive gear with all the features. It’s too intimidating! I like to start small and ease my way into a hobby.

In efforts to keep adventure simple, I wanted to put together a list of all the things I think are super helpful. I’m very budget conscious, and so you can count on me not recommending gear that isn’t helpful or good.

Lastly, camping gear by nature is very reproducible. Many different manufacturers make extremely similar products, so sometimes I’ll recommend a product that is not exactly the same as what I have (because it may not be manufactured by the company, anymore, etc).