My Favorite Rain Gear

Good rain gear can be the difference of an awesome outdoors experience and a miserable one.

My Favorite Rain Jacket

I’ve really enjoyed my Columbia Watertight II Jacket. Several times while in New Zealand (where it rains almost every day during the Spring), I thought, “This jacket is my MVP!” I suppose it would be more appropriate to have thought MVA (Most Valuable Accessory).

No really, though. I wore it almost every day during my 3 weeks in New Zealand. It kept me dry, and warm from wind and rain. It has vents, it has zip seal pockets, and I’ve had no durability issues. Overall, it’s a solid jacket with the features that matter most to me.

Lately, in a crazy snowstorm that hit Texas (rare to see), the temperatures got to around 9 Fahrenheit and knocked out our power for several days.

9 degrees in this picture. You can’t see, but my face was cold. I should have used a balaclava.

With my trusty Columbia Watertight 2 jacket in combination with a mid-layer fleece and a base layer, I was able to stay nice and warm on a morning jog.