My Favorite Camping Clothing

So, I admit, I’m not very stylish. I am woefully unprepared to tell you how to look good while camping. I know how to tell you to not look bad, but I am not really qualified for fashion advice.

But, I do know that some clothing is incredibly useful. I’ll share with you some essentials as well as some nice-to-haves.

Thermals: A Must-Have for Cold Weather

Even for chilly weather, thermal underwear makes for a much more pleasant experience. What type of thermals are best for each scenario is a big discussion, as there are several. The key in that research is to assess your needs. The heavier and looser the fit of the thermals, the more air is trapped inside the thermals which captures more heat.

Form-fitting thermals won’t retain as much heat by themselves, but layered with additional warm clothing they will create air pockets between those layers which will keep you warm.

I went on a 3-week car camping excursion (with a 3-day backpacking trip in the middle) to the New Zealand South Island, and I wore Coldpruf thermals:

My Thermal Bottoms

My Thermal Top

With this thermal set, I was able to hang out in 50 degrees Fahrenheit weather completely comfortably. I was a little warm when it got up to 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit.

There are warmer thermals, but I found this set to keep me comfortable outside. They did a fair job of wicking away sweat, which is also essential for staying warm.