Google’s My Maps Road Trip Routes and Tips

Google My Maps is an incredible tool that you can use for a number of purposes.

  • Delivery Routes
  • Favorite restaurant maps
  • Location roster

Perhaps my favorite use of Google’s My Maps is for Roadtrip Planning.

Make sure and watch my video to see how to use Google My Maps for a road trip plan

3 Tips On How To Use Google My Maps for Planning An Awesome Road Trip

My Maps allows you to pin multiple locations, and add flexibility through layers, pin styling, and pin comments. PERFECT for road trip planning.

Why Use Google My Maps for Roadtrip planning?

Here are a list of common needs when planning a road trip and how Google My Maps helps out.

Need to keep track of all the places you want to goMake pins for all locations you want to visit, including custom locations
Need to make comments on different locationsEdit the pin description to add any comment you’d like
Need to prioritize the huge list of places you want to seeCategorize your pin list via color coding so you can easily see which locations you want to see most
Want to collaborate with trip partnersShare your My Map so others can add to the same map
Need to keep track of mileage for budgeting purposesAdd routes to your My Map which shows total mileage
Want a way to separate different locations by different activities (paddling, camping, sightseeing, hiking)Use multiple pin layers so you can easily distinguish between different location categories.

Southeast Texas Road Trip

For an example roadtrip in Google My Maps starting in San Antonio and ending in Austin, see my My Map here: