Uni Toll Pass Works in 19 States Save Money on Tolls

We are planning a road trip on the eastern coast of the United States with our Class A RV and are pulling a tow vehicle. We were not sure how the toll roads would charge us for an RV and our towed car, so I did some research. I learned a lot about the different state requirements regarding motorhomes and road tolls and have written a post about the best electronic toll passes that will work in RVs including the Uni.\

Uni Toll Pass Is the Best Toll Pass for East Coast Travel

Update: According to the official Central Florida Expressway Authority, the E-PASS Xtra is no longer available for purchase. Uni initially launched as E-PASS Xtra, offers all the same benefits and features with newer, future-ready toll technologies. E-PASS Xtra Customers: Your E-PASS Xtra will continue to work throughout 18 states and be fully supported as part of the E-PASS family of products.

Yes, RVs can use a transponder to pay tolls in 18 states. Florida’s Uni Pass (formerly E-PASS Xtra) is fully compatible and works everywhere the following passes are accepted including E-PASS, SunPass, LeeWay, PeachPass, NC QuickPass, E-ZPass, RiverLink, I-PASS, and QuickPass toll systems.

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In addition to the convenience of only having one toll account to manage, you still receive the toll discounts that prepaid toll transponders provide. It’s also a portable transponder that can be moved from your RV to your car and works on motorcycles too.

What States Can I Use a Uni Toll Pass (formerly E-PASS Xtra) in?

Delaware Georgia Florida
Illinois Indiana Kentucky
Maine Maryland Massachusetts
New Hampshire New Jersey New York
North Carolina Ohio Pennsylvania
Rhode Island Virginia West Virginia

How Much Does the Uni Toll Pass Cost?

The one-time cost to purchase the Uni Pass transponder at the official CFX site is $15 or from Amazon for an extra $3 (which we did for convenience) of less than $20. There are no annual contracts or monthly account fees, but you will need to provide a credit or debit card and fund it with a minimum of $10 of prepaid tolls.

How Can I Get a Uni Toll Pass Account?

Open a Uni account using one of the 3 choices below:

  • Online- Go to the E-PASS site to open an account online
  • Phone- Call the E-PASS Customer Service Center at 407-823-7277 or 1-800-353-7277, Monday – Friday, 8 AM – 6 PM
  • In-Person – go to the Customer Service Center located at 762 South Goldenrod Road (Pinar Plaza), Orlando, FL 32822 which is open 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM Monday through Friday and 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM Saturdays

Six Things You Need to Open a Uni Toll Pass Account

Make sure to have the following information available when opening your E-PASS account:

  1. Your address information for billing
  2. Your Email address
  3. Your Driver’s license number
  4. Your License plate numbers and the state where issued for both your RV and tow vehicle
  5. The model/make/year/color of vehicles
  6. Credit or debit card to activate your account with a minimum of $10 in prepaid tolls

How Does an Electronic Toll Collection System Work?

After you set up a prepaid account (either online, by phone or in-person) you will receive the transponder that you place in your windshield. When you drive under the toll collection station, an antenna reads your transponder and the charges are deducted from your account. When the balance in your account reaches the minimum threshold you have selected, the account balance is replenished by charging the pre-specified amount to your credit or debit card.

Why Use a Prepaid Toll Program for Your RV Instead of Paying in Cash or Toll by Plate?

Some RVers choose to avoid using toll roads when taking road trips, but we find it much more convenient to use them. Toll roads are generally in better condition than the free road trip routes and also offer easy access to fuel and services.
If you choose not to purchase a prepaid toll transponder for your RV when traveling on toll roads, you have two options- Toll by Plate or paying in cash.

If you elect for the Toll by Plate method, instead of getting a transponder, a camera photographs your license plate when you pass a tolling station and you receive an invoice in the mail.

Tolls are More Expensive-
You should know that in addition to the toll amount, you are assessed an additional administrative cost to cover the costs of billing. Also, if your RV license plate is obstructed (by a tow vehicle) or difficult for the cameras to read, you may receive additional fines plus the toll amounts.

Toll Booths Are Being Eliminated-
If you decide to use the old-fashioned cash method of paying for your tolls, you should know that many states are eliminating all manned toll booths so change is not provided. You will also not receive the discounts offered for the prepaid toll systems, so depending on how many axles you have and how often you travel, your toll costs can be as much as 33% more.

Already Have Another Toll Transponder but Want to Upgrade to a Uni Toll Pass for Your Road Trip?

You will need to purchase the Uni ($15-18 depending on where you buy it).

Online- Go to the E-PASS site and follow the instructions to add the transponder to your account.

Phone- Call the E-PASS Customer Service Center at 407-823-7277 or 1-800-353-7277, Monday-Friday, 8 AM-6 PM

In-person – go to the Customer Service Center at 762 South Goldenrod Road (Pinar Plaza), Orlando, FL 32822 which is open 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM Monday through Friday and 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM Saturdays

If you already have an E-PASS and upgrade to the Uni, contact the Customer Service Center and request that the new transponder be combined into one account and close your old account.

Make sure that you remove your old transponders from your vehicle when you install your new Uni to avoid duplicate toll transactions.

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FAQs for Using the Uni Toll Pass in Your RV During Your Road Trip

My address is not on the East Coast, can I still get one?

Yes, you can purchase a Uni Pass no matter where your home is located including Canada.

How do I install the Uni Toll Pass in a Class A motorhome?

Installation of your toll pass in your RV is simple. The transponder must be mounted on the vehicle you are driving and has suction cups to allow you to attach it to the windshield of your RV. Mount it about 12 inches above the dash and about 2-3 inches to the left of the centerline of your RV windshield (toward the driver’s side).

Is Florida’s E Pass the same as the Uni Toll Pass?

No, E Pass only works on some Central Florida toll roads and does not work in the listed 18 states.

Is there any difference in toll passes from state to state?

Yes, not all toll passes work in every state.

Florida’s Uni Pass offers the advantage of working in 18 different states including Florida (FL), Maryland (MD), Rhode Island (RI), Indiana (IN), Georgia (GA), Delaware (DE), Massachusetts (MA), Illinois (IL), North Carolina (NC), New Jersey (NJ), New Hampshire (NH), Kentucky (KY), Virginia (VA), Pennsylvania (PA), Maine (ME), West Virginia (WV), New York (NY) and Ohio (OH) toll systems.

Can I tow a vehicle when using the Uni Toll Pass?

Yes, just make sure that you have listed your tow vehicle’s license plate number as an additional vehicle on your transponder account.

Is there an area on the toll pass application for RVs?

It depends on the state whether there is a place on the application to list an RV. If there is not, just list it as a trailer.

Should I deposit funds into my toll pass accounts in advance before leaving on my road trip?

Yes, you should deposit funds into your account at least 24 hours before you leave on your RV travel.

If I am pulling a trailer with my RV, do I need to register all of my vehicles?

Yes, you do need to register all of your vehicle license plates on your toll pass accounts.

Do I need a commercial toll pass for my RV because of weight?

It depends on the state. Those that accept the Uni Pass do not require a commercial toll pass because of weight.

Are there different types of transponders for the Uni Toll Pass? (e.g. SunPass has a sticker and a suction cup style)

The Uni Pass only offers one type of transponder that you place on your windshield with suction cups. It can be moved from your motorhome to your tow vehicle.

Do I need two transponders for my RV and towed vehicle?

No, as long as you have both license plates listed on your transponder account, you can move the pass from the RV to your other vehicle.

What if I do have two Uni Toll Pass transponders, will I get charged twice?
Yes, it is possible to get charged twice if you have a toll pass in your RV and your tow vehicle. It’s recommended that you place your second transponder in a Radio Frequency (RF) shield bag in the glove box of your tow.

What should I do if I am charged twice for a toll for my RV and tow vehicle?

If you have duplicate charges for the same date and time, contact the Customer Service Center and request a refund. Email your toll transaction statements to [email protected] or call (800) 353-7277. E-PASS Service Center hours are 8 AM-6 PM (Monday – Friday).

How long does it take to get a Uni Toll Pass for my RV?
If you request a Uni by mail, it takes 7-10 business days. You can go to the Customer Service Center located in Orlando, Florida, and pick it up on the same day. The contact information for the E-Pass Customer Service is listed below.

E-Pass Customer Service Center
762 South Goldenrod Road (Pinar Plaza)
Orlando, FL 32822
Hours of operation
8:00 AM – 6:00 PM Monday through Friday and 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM Saturdays
407-823-7277 or 1-800-353-7277, Monday-Friday, 8 AM-6 PM
EPass Online –  https://epass.cfxway.com/EpassWeb/

Related Questions People Also Ask

Is there a toll transponder that works in all states?
No, there is not a toll transponder that works in all states.

Does Uni Toll Pass save you money on tolls?
Yes, a Uni Pass transponder can save you up to 33% on tolls.

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