10 Steps to RV Window Repair- Foggy RV Windows Are Dangerous!

Are you an RV owner with foggy windows? We had that problem with our RV. It got so bad we couldn’t see the rearview mirrors. We share our 10 steps to RV Window Repair.

Ever wonder why RV windows fog up and the glass pane becomes opaque instead of clear? If your RV has dual pane windows (also known as thermal or double pane), they are manufactured with special absorbent seals (also known as desiccant strips) between the panes to keep air out, prevent condensation, and absorb excess moisture.

Over time as the RV windows flex with temperature changes and travel, the seals around the glass can corrode and crack and the desiccant strips become oversaturated. This allows condensation in between the panes and causes the fogging effect you see in your RV windows.

RV Window Repair- Can Foggy RV Windows Be Repaired?

As a general rule, most RV windows can be repaired if you don’t wait too long. If you don’t fix the window quickly enough, the moisture begins to etch the glass. Once the window glass is etched, the glass needs to be replaced.

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How Do You Know If Your RV Has Double Paned Windows?

Dual paned windows (also known as thermal windows) are two panes of glass separated by a spacer. Look at the inside edge of your RV window. If you can see 2 pieces of glass, they are double-paned windows. The purpose of a double-paned window in an RV is to provide better insulation.

What Makes An RV Window Foggy And How Do You Fix It?

Many RVs like ours have dual pane glass for better insulation. This works great until moisture gets in between the panes generally due to the seals around the windows deteriorating. The buildup of moisture between the glass panes causes the glass to become foggy and hard to see through.

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Is It Worth Fixing A Foggy RV Window?

It depends on which of your RV windows are fogged up. In our case, one of them was the driver’s window. As it began to fail over time, we couldn’t clearly see the rearview mirror, so for safety reasons that one definitely had to be fixed. When the passenger side window began to fog up, we knew it was time to get them repaired.

Fixing Foggy RV Windows Here’s What We Did

You have two choices when it comes to fixing RV windows, try doing it yourself or take your RV to a window repair shop. We had two RV windows that needed repair. Since we knew nothing about RV windows, we decided to take ours to a shop for repairs.

RV Window Repair Facility
RV Window Repair Facility

Finding A Professional RV Window Repair Specialist

There are RV window repair specialists across the country, but we heard great reviews from fellow RVers about Suncoast Designers. They are located on the west coast of Florida near Tampa.

They provide free water and electric hookups, no fee for overnight parking and they even have a dumping station you can use. They do great work and stay very busy so you will need to book an appointment in advance.

How Do You Replace An RV Window?

There are 10 steps to fixing a foggy RV window. We watched as the friendly Suncoast Designer employees completed the repairs on our RV windows.

RV Window Removal
RV Passenger Window Removal

10 Steps To RV Window Repair

  1. Remove window
  2. Cover the opening
  3. Remove the window glass from the frame
  4. Deglaze- basically they are removing the old window seals and washing and polishing the glass
  5. Dry the glass (if the glass is etched, it will need to be replaced with a new pane)
  6. Reinsulate the window- Put the glass panes together and seal them
  7. Bake the window to set the seal
  8. Put the window back in the frame
  9. Reinstall the repaired window back in the RV
  10. Water test to confirm there are no leaks

In our RV, one window needed new glass and the other, since it had just begun to fail, just needed cleaning and resealing.

Replaced Window- Doing the watertight check
Driver’s window now replaced – Doing the watertight check

How Much Does It Cost To Replace RV Windows?

In general, Suncoast charges around $300 to repair an RV window. If they have to replace the glass as they did on one of our RV windows, they charged an additional $75.

How Do You Get Moisture Out Of An RV Window?

There is only one way to get the moisture out of an RV window and that is to remove it, dry it and reseal it. Seeing moisture in between your RV window panes means the seal has failed.

Can You Replace Just The Glass In An RV Window?

You can remove and replace the glass in your RV window. If you have insulated glass you will want to replace the window with dual pane glass to keep your RV cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Are Dual Pane Windows In An RV Worth It?

Having dual paned windows in your RV helps to provide better insulation. This can save you money by reducing your electricity bills by keeping your RV cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Would We Recommend Suncoast Designers?

RVs in for Window Repair
Suncoast Designers- RVs in for Window Repair

Yes, we would definitely recommend Suncoast Designers for RV window repair. The staff was exceptionally nice and they did an excellent job very quickly. They said to plan on at least 1 night, maybe 2. We arrived Sunday afternoon per their instructions and they had our windows repaired by noon on Monday!

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