Ultimate Knot Unlock Course

Hard to connect the knots?

Instant Knot Unlock Course

Ultimate Bundle

Conquer your frustration with knots once and for all. In just a few minutes, you can become the one that knows the ropes. You’ll unlock the right knots for every situation & remember them forever (even if you don’t use them).

  • 35+ Step-by-Step Knot Tutorials
  • 8 Real-Life Scenario Rundowns
  • 10-Min Memory Masterclass
  • Printable Cheat Sheets


I’m no longer confused about knots

“This course is outstanding because it shows actual real-life scenarios and what knots to use and why. It’s by far the most actionable knot course I know. Highly recommend.”

Shawn Buckles

Learn Everything You Need

  • Hang up a tarp or hammock instantly
  • How anyone can learn advanced knots fast & easy
  • How to remember each knot forever
  • What knot to use for every situation
  • How to make sure your knots are secure
  • How to buy the right rope and use it forever

Be The One Who Knows the Ropes

Get everything you need and more to be confident in any situation

Find knots confusing?

Ultimate Knot Unlock Course

Learn 35+ advanced knots in less time that in takes to grab your zip ties.

  • Critical Knots Cheat Course
  • 35+ Over-the-Shoulder Knot Tying Tutorial Videos
  • Advanced Variations
  • 1-min Untie Instructions
Find knots hard to remember?

Remember Forever System

Remember each knot forever (even if you don’t use them!).

  • 9-Knot Memory Masterclass
  • Save-My-Ass Cheat Sheet
  • 1-min Memorization Tips
Don’t have time to practice?

Scenario Quick-Start

Unlock eight everyday scenarios without needing to learn or remember anything.

  • 8 Real-Life Scenario Rundown Videos
  • Everyday Application Ideas
  • Camping Bag Cheat Sheet

Also included:

Not sure your knots are secure?

Foolproof Knot Lock Check

  • Check and Secure Instructions for every knot
  • Common Pitfall Explainers
  • Inappropriate Applications per knot
Unsure what Rope To Use?

10-Min Know-the-Ropes Crash Course

  • 5-min Rope-Buying Guide
  • Reuse Your Rope Forever Guide

Course Curriculum

Here’s a preview of everything that’s in the course:

The Ultimate Knot Unlock Course consists of 10 extensive video modules:

  1. Introduction and overview
  2. Critical Knots Cheat Course
  3. Foundation Knots (3 knots)
  4. Binding Knots (4 knots)
  5. Bends (7 knots)
  6. Stopper Knots (3 knots)
  7. Hitches (6 knots)
  8. Loops (5 knots)
  9. Lashings (2 knots)
  10. Specialty Knots (4 knots)

Each Knot Tying Tutorial contains:

  • Tying Video Instruction
  • 1-min Untie Instruction
  • 1-min Memorization Tips
  • Advanced Variations
  • Common Pitfall Explainer
  • Check and Secure Instruction
  • Proper and Inappropriate Uses
  • Everyday Use Cases

The Scenario Quick-Start consists of detailed video walkthroughs for eight scenarios:

  1. Attaching Tarp to a Rope
  2. Retrieving Rope From High Places
  3. Setting Up a Ridgeline
  4. Tying a Clothesline
  5. Setting Up a Hammock
  6. Throwing a Rock Tied With Rope
  7. Tying a Guyline
  8. Lifting a Vertical Pole

The Remember Forever System consists of a course and two printable PDF files you can throw in your bag.

  • 9-Step Memory Masterclass
  • Camping Bag Cheat Sheet (printable)
  • Save-My-Ass Cheat Sheet (printable)

The 10-min Know-the-Ropes Crash Course consists of two written guides:

  • 5-min Rope-Buying Guide
  • Reuse Your Rope Forever Guide


Here are the questions we get about the course most often.

You can blast through the videos within the course within a week, but you’ll be best served by practicing the knots regularly and taking your time. Ideally, the course should take you a month of practice and learning.

Forever! If you buy now, you’ll have access to this course forever and will get access to future updates.

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