10 RV Kitchen Organization Ideas for Small Spaces

Living in an RV full-time requires good organization skills. It’s especially important in your kitchen where space is at a premium.

Here are some RV kitchen ideas for small space living that work for us…

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DIY RV Spice Rack

RV Spice Rack Magnetic Tiles

Looking for a fun and decorative spice rack for your RV kitchen? Check out our DIY Magnetic Spice rack.

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It’s easy to make it yourself and you can custom fit it to whatever size you need.
We purchased everything we needed at Amazon and put it together in less than an hour.
Just stick the tiles to the wall and attach your spices and that’s it- custom made RV Spice Rack done!

6 Steps for DIY RV Spice Rack

RV Kitchen Knife Storage

Storing sharp kitchen knives in a drawer is a good way to get a nasty cut. With limited counter space, we didn’t want a knife block taking up valuable space, and we didn’t want to have to store it every time we moved.

We investigated and wound up picking a couple different ways to store our knives.

Magnetic Knife Strip

There are a few different options including a magnetic strip that you mount to the back-splash. It’s easy to install, is inexpensive and convenient.

Knife Safe

We looked at the magnetic strip option, but our back splash is tile and we didn’t want to drill through them. That’s when we discovered the Camco Knife Safe.

Camco Knife Safe

It mounts inside a cabinet and requires very little space. Make sure you mount it so knives are inserted tips down, handles up.

As you can see, this worked great for our small steak knives, but we needed another option for our big butcher and bread knives. So the second one we found fit perfectly in our silverware drawer.

Drawer Knife Block

The knife safe was great for the smaller knives but we have several large chopping knives. The knife safe doesn’t work well for those. The solution to that is a drawer knife block.

Joseph Joseph Knife Block

You can get them in different sizes and they come in wood or plastic.

Collapsible Dish Drainer

This collapsible dish drainer stores easy and holds plenty of dishes.

Phillips Air Fryer

My new favorite kitchen gadget! OK, it’s not really an organization tip but does let us cook healthier, is not too large and is easy to clean.

Gorilla Grip Original Drawer and Shelf Liner Non-skid for cabinets

There’s nothing more annoying than having your dishes slide around and rattle in your cabinets while you are driving. It’s also a good way to get a face full of dishes when you stop and open the cabinets!

The quick and easy solution is non-skid shelf liners.

QUICK TIP #1 – Keep the little scraps leftover once you cut to fit your cabinets and slip them between glass dishes and metal pans to keep them from making noise from vibrating against each other while you are driving.

QUICK TIP #2 – I bought double-sided tape and stuck my shelf liners down to the bottom of the cabinets. This keeps them in place when I pull out heavy items. It doesn’t take much tape and keeps the shelf liner in place.

The Gorilla Grip is the best seller on Amazon and comes in several colors and a few different sizes:

Non-skid in refrigerator

QUICK TIP #3 – Line your refrigerator shelves with non-skid to keep things from sliding around while you are driving!

Non-Skid Pantry Cabinet Lazy Susan Turntable

I use these non-skid plastic turntables in my cabinets and the refrigerator. They have non-skid surfaces, a rimmed edge to keep things from sliding off and come in several different sizes.

Lazy Susan Turntable in Refrigerator

Camco Stack-A-Plate

This plastic set of two holders keeps plates in place while driving and also reduces the rattling noise. They also help keep plates organized and prevent them from breaking.
Made with non-slip backing, they will keep your plates from sliding around while traveling.

Over the Cabinet Paper Towel Holder

We don’t like to have a lot of things on the kitchen counter. It takes too much time to pack things away on travel days.

One thing we always need to have are paper towels, and we found a nice one that doesn’t take up any counter space and keeps paper towels easily available.

We purchased the YouCopia Over the Cabinet Door Paper Towel holder. It’s easy to install right out of the box, just hang it over your cabinet door and you are done!

Velcro Straps Keep Fridge and Cabinets Closed

You don’t expect your cabinet doors (or worse yet- your refrigerator door!) to open while you are driving down the road, but these things can and do happen!

In the best case, it’s just a little mess, but it can be a complete disaster…

Like the time a bottle of Red Wine slid out of the fridge and rolled all over the floor spewing everywhere! Yes, it’s happened to us!

There’s a simple and easy solution to this- velcro cable straps!

Velcro Holding RV Refrigerator Door Closed

Velcro straps have so many uses that you should always have a supply of them on your RV.

Keep extension cords neat. Keep cabinet and refrigerator doors closed without scratching or doing any damage to your cabinet fronts.

They are easy to store, inexpensive and can be linked together whenever a longer strap is needed.

Velcro Keeps Fridge Closed

RV Space Saving Collapsible Kitchen Tools

Do a search on Amazon and you can find all kinds of space-saving collapsible kitchen tools.  Some of my favorites were collapsible bowls, strainers, measuring cups and a salad spinner.

There are many more space-saving items for your RV kitchen. Search on Amazon for Collapsible Kitchen Utensils for more ideas.

I’ll update this page pretty frequently as we discover new RV organization ideas, so please bookmark this page and check back often!

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