Why Do Runners Wear Trucker Hats?

Of all the sportier hats out there, why do runners and trail runners choose to wear trucker’s hats? I decided to do some research to figure out why.

Trucker hats are ideal for running because they are light and breathable instead of waterproof, ideal for a sweaty runner. Trucker’s hats also have a much wider brim for optimum sun protection and are typically adjustable.

There’s so much more to trucker hats than simply looking cool and keeping the sun off your face. There are also special specs that can make your running experience better–that’s why trucker hats make it to the top of the list.

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The Reasons Why A Trucker Hat Is Great For Running

There are some really good benefits to wearing trucker hats. That’s why runners choose them. Let us look at those benefits:


When you’re running and exerting your body (300-800 calories per hour), you want as little weighing your body down as possible.

Trucker’s hats are usually made of mesh materials, which cuts weight.

Breathable Mesh

Typically, a regular cap has the same material throughout. Trucker hats, however, have mesh either on just the back or throughout the whole cap. This mesh makes the hat much more breathable.

The more breathable your clothes, the more heat can be carried away by evaporative cooling–in short, the happier you’ll be (unless you’re running in really cold weather)

Your head loses a lot of heat as you’re running. If you’re running in the summer, then you want as little re-captured heat from your head as possible. Otherwise, you’ll have sweat pouring down your face and into your eyes and… well, it’s just not pretty.

They’re Stylin’

Trucker hats definitely have a vibe to them. Lots of people like the look–that’s part of why people wear them while they do everything.

Trucker Hats Have Snapbacks 

The adjustable snaps at the back make it easy to fit onto any size head.

That’s all great and all, but usually our head doesn’t change size as adults. However, when you’re running, sometimes it’s worth a lot to be able to loosen up your hat or tighten it up depending on the circumstance. That extra bit of flexibility is a nice feature to have.

Another benefit of the snapbacks is that as you’re running you can pull it off and snap it around their wrist, Fitbit, or CamelBak, etc., and continue with your run.

Awesome Sun Protection

Truckers hats have a really wide brim. If they weren’t part of a particular clothing style, I’d say the brim would be awkwardly wide. Whether or not you think a super wide brim is cool, it definitely is practical–after all, one of the primary purposes of any type of baseball cap, truckers hats included, is to protect your face and neck from the sun.

When you’re running (or hiking for that matter), it’s nice to able to get shade for your eyes depending on the angle of the sun, but it’s also nice as you’re watching your feet on a tricky trail to get sun protection for your neck. All you have to do is flip that wide brim around and voila, you’ve got sun protection for the back of your neck.

Manages Your Temperature More Effectively

Trucker hats, due to their lightweight nature, don’t make the head as hot as regular caps. This is due to the mesh design of many truckers hats as well as the wider brim. These features combined give you more protection, a higher quality of life while running..

The Perfect Spot for Sunglasses 

I’m sure you’ve seen many runners wearing sunglasses. If you’re a runner yourself, you probably do it too. Sunscreen is essential, but the more protection you can have, the safer your skin will be. The sun can also be blinding sometimes, and having sunglasses are helpful in making sure you can look where you are running correctly, especially on nature terrains with rocks, sand, concrete or water around.

The bill of the trucker hat, being stiff and long, allows a spot for you to put your shades without them fogging up either on your hair or flying off from hanging on your clothes.

Trucker Hat = Billboard Space

Trucker hats have a signature tall square front. One benefit of this is that you basically have a sign for whatever you want to put on it.

Therefore, many trucker hats are printed with various business logos and promotional patterns. For runners of all types, especially those doing it professionally, it’s one way to sport your favorite brand or sponsors.

Besides promoting your favorite clothes or gear, you could be wearing one that supports a charity you stand for.

Rain Protection

As we know by now, trucker hats protect you from sun exposure–but the same way a trucker hat protects you from the sun it will also protect you from the rain on your face. Guaranteed, your hair is going to get wet, but you won’t have rain pouring down your face.

It Keeps Your Hair Contained

This is relatable to anyone with long hair. There is almost nothing more annoying than having your hair end up stuck on your sweaty face while running. Trucker hats keep your hair at bay and out of your face without overheating your head. It also prevents hair tangling from moving around, and the hole at the back allows space for your ponytail if you have one.

It Brings Out Personality 

As we’ve mentioned previously, trucker hats come in a bunch of colors and patterns. Some are neutral, some are bright neon, some have stripes, and some have fun quotes. Runners of all types as well as the general population who wear caps, love choosing trucker hats that bring out their personalities.

You can be wearing plain black shorts and a T-shirt, but your neon green hat will speak clearly for you without you having to say anything.


Runners don’t only wear their trucker hats during a run. Trucker hats typically look like regular fun caps, and since you get hats with cool designs, they can be worn any day, anytime. Runners find themselves grabbing their trucker hats for the morning gym session when taking their kids to the park, on dog walks, or for the quick weekly grocery haul. They are super versatile, and you can get so much use out of them.


Trucker hats are a super useful accessory that provide sun protection and rain.

You don’t have to be a runner to wear a trucker hat, but next time you see someone running a terrain wearing one, don’t forget to say, “nice hat!” 


Peter is a software developer who loves to take every opportunity to go outside that he can get. Peter grew up going on long backpacking excursions with his family every Summer and now enjoys staying at the beautiful Texas State Parks and swimming in the amazing Texas Rivers.

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