How To Tie the Trucker’s Hitch

This is an abbreviated how-to–if you want to see the complete how-to including variations and untying instructions and more, check out my knot course, here.

How To Tie the Trucker’s Hitch Video Instructions

How To Tie the Trucker’s Hitch Picture Instructions

Step 1: On the opposite of where you tie the trucker’s hitch, make a fixed loop (like a bowline) and feed the rope through the loop.

Step 2: Put the working end around the side where you want to tighten the trucker’s hitch.

Step 3: Make an anchor point by using a slip knot or alpine butterfly.

Step 4: Feed the working end through the anchor point. This is now a pully that you can use to tighten the entire system.

Step 5: Make a half hitch to tie off when you have the tension that you want. The pictures are kind of bad, watch the video.

Finished Trucker’s Hitch