How To Tie The Sheet Bend

How To Tie The Sheet Bend Picture Instructions

Step 1: Pick the larger diameter rope to be the left rope (Rope A) and the smaller diameter rope to be on the right (Rope B) Also, if they are the same diameter, it doesn’t matter.

Step 2: Form a bight with the rope on the left (rope a).

Step 3: Take the rope on the right (rope B), and pass it through the underside of the bight and pass it over the top of the bight and then under both two lines in rope A in the bight.

Step 4: Pass Rope B underneath itself, but OVER the top of the bight in rope A, forming a half hitch.

Step 5: Pull both ends of the bight on rope A and Rope B in opposite directions to tighten

Doubling the Sheet Bend

In Step 4, you pass rope B underneath itself to form a half hitch. You can add an additional wrap around rope A and pass it through to form a round turn and a half hitch. The end result should look something like this: