How Much Does it Cost to Replace RV Awning Fabric

RV awnings are a great addition to any RV! However, there are multiple scenarios in which you may need to replace your awning fabric, whether it be a storm that causes damage to it, old age making it worn and tattered, or poor care. Knowing how much a new awning fabric will cost is incredibly helpful. So, how much does it cost to replace RV awning fabric?

The price of a new RV awning can vary greatly from $250 all the way to $2000, depending on how fancy of an awning you want. The more expensive awnings typically have more bells and whistles and are made out of more durable fabric. Another aspect that can add costs to your awning is if you have a dealership replace your awning or you do it yourself. By having a dealership replace your awning, you will have to add in labor costs as well.

The cost of your new RV awning will change depending on multiple different factors. One factor is whether you need to replace the entire awning or just a piece of fabric or small mechanism. Another aspect is that the price you pay will increase if your awning is made with multiple mechanisms that allow your awning to retract and roll out. Lastly, something that will make your awning more expensive is the type of fabric and style of awning you choose, typically vinyl awnings will be more expensive.

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How Much Does it Cost to Replace RV Awning Fabric

How to Care for Your Awning so it Lasts

RV Awning Cleaner

RV awnings can last for years with proper upkeep and maintenance. There are a few things that you can do to make your awning last for many future adventures.

  • Clean your awning often to keep it from becoming mildewy with a cleaner specifically formulated for RV awnings that will not ruin the fabric.
  • Also, while doing your yearly checks around you RV, always check your awning for any issues that you need to take care of and fix.
  • When it comes to weather, always make sure to try and roll up your awning before any heavy storms to prevent damages. Most of the time, RV awnings are ruined or damaged because they are left out in stormy and windy weather that the awning is not created for. Typically, RV awnings are made to protect you from the sun, not from heavy thunderstorms.
  • If your awning gets damp from a light rain, make sure to allow it to dry completely before rolling it up to help prevent mold and mildew.

How Long do RV Awnings Last

RV awnings are created to last for a long time and can be used for years with proper care and maintenance. When it comes to a new RV, many warranties will cover the awning for the first 5 years. With proper maintenance, your RV awning will stay in great shape and provide shade for all of your adventures.

One factor that will affect the shape and longevity of your awning is the weather. Thunderstorms and high winds can wreck your awning in a split second, leaving you with a tattered leftover. To prevent this disaster from happening, always make sure to retract your awning in if there are storms on the radar.

Another factor that can affect how long your awning lasts is sun damage. On an older RV, fifth wheel, or trailer if you store your trailer in extreme heat, the heat can wear down the fabric over time and cause it to fray and become tattered. If you are storing your RV for long periods of time, make sure your awning is rolled in and protected from the sun.

What Are The Different RV Awnings Types

There are various options when it comes to choosing an RV, fifth wheel, or trailer and each one is different in its own unique way. One thing that you will notice when you look at other RVs is that many of them have different types of awnings. Just like every RV having pros and cons, the awnings types have pros and cons as well. There are 3 main types of awnings.

  • A fixed awning simply attaches above your doors and windows and provides permanent shade to your RV. A disadvantage when it comes to fixed awnings is that it is hard to change the position and they can fall off while driving.
  • A patio awning allows you to create an outdoor room for you and your family to enjoy. Patio Awnings have walls, a roof, and doors and protect you from mosquitoes and bugs and creates a quaint outdoor space. One drawback of patio awnings is how long it takes to set up and the lack of ventilation.
  • Automatic awnings are incredibly popular in many RVs and deploy with the touch of a button. Automatic awnings have one central button that you can use to roll out and retract the awning, making it incredibly easy to use. A downside of automatic awnings is the fabric used sometimes lets water pool in the center which can cause damage to your awning in the long run.

Why Are RV Awnings Important to Have

Traveling in your RV down new roads and visiting new and exciting places brings the most amazing adventures. You can go wherever you want next and all along the way you can pull all of your belongings and your home on wheels right behind you. There are so many important additions to an RV that can make your trip more comfortable and relaxing.

One addition is having an RV awning to stay out of the sun on hot summer days. Many RVs, trailers, and fifth wheels are equipped with awnings, but if yours isn’t you must get one ASAP. Awnings have many positive aspects that will make your RV look good and be more comfortable.

When you use your RV awning you give you and your family a perfect space to enjoy the outdoors without being directly in the sun. Besides that, another great aspect of having an awning is that it will keep the inside of your RV considerably cooler. The rooms that are covered by the awning will stay cool, keeping your RV cooler overall.

No matter what kind of RV awning you have, having one allows you to enjoy the outdoors without being in the sun and will help to keep your RV cooler.

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What Kinds of Fabrics are Available for RV Awnings

Awnings come in multiple different colors, fabrics, and styles that you can choose – so pick one that fits your style and functionality. There are pros and cons for each fabric and color.

Choose Your Color Wisely

When it comes to the color of your awning, steer clear of dark colors. Dark colors tend to make you space hotter and attract more heat while light colors allow you and your trailer to stay more cool.

Pick the Right Fabric

There are multiple different fabrics RV awnings are made out of, the two most popular are vinyl and acrylic.

  • Vinyl fabric awnings are typically more expensive than other fabrics, but hold up a lot longer than any other awning fabric. Vinyl fabric awnings have UV protection, keeping the heat from the sun off of you and the awning.
  • Acrylic awnings hold up well and are created to be water resistant and easy to clean. Another positive aspect about awnings made from acrylic are they are typically very affordable and dry quickly.

Whichever awning fabric you choose, it is great to have options and you can always switch out your awning with something new when the time comes.


Knowing how much RV awning fabric costs is the first step in deciding if replacing it is in your budget! The price of your RV awning will range from $200-$2000 dollars based on the type of awning, the material, whether you or shop installs it, and whether your awning has automatic mechanisms or not.

RV awnings are a great addition and investment for your RV, fifth wheel, or trailer allowing you to choose what awning best fits your needs and styles. There are so many factors that go into buying a new RV awning, but narrowing down your must haves will allow you to pick the perfect awning for your RV.


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