How Long Do RV Tires Last

How Long Do RV Tires Last?

Driving your home on wheels down the road, your safe journey will significantly depend on your RV tires and how dependable they are. Time after time, your road trip will need your RV tires to be in great shape to get you to your next destination safely. Whether it be driving through a thunderstorm, ice storm, or a sunny day, ultimately, your tires are what keep your rig moving down the road safely and efficiently. It is essential to know how to take care of your tires and just how long your RV tires can last and still be dependable.

Typically RV tires will last five to six years, if they are well taken care of and do not suffer from excessive heat or wear and tear. It also comes down to how often you use your rig. If you are often traveling, you may need to change your tires out more frequently.

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This article will dive into how long RV tires last, as well as what signs to look for to replace your tires. We will also talk about the price of replacing your tires and for how many miles they usually last.

How Long Do RV Tires Last

When you buy a new or used RV, it is essential to talk to the seller or dealership to figure out how old the tires are. You can also inspect the side of the tire to see a manufactured date. There are a lot of factors that go into the life of your RV tires.

A few factors to consider: when the tires were purchased, how long they have been sitting in the sun and heat, and how often they were used. These factors are critical when it comes to buying a used RV or trailer.

If the seller does not have adequate information about the tires, it is recommended to have an RV shop take a look before you take it on your first trip. The last thing you want to have happen is to get a used RV that leaves you stranded on the side of the road because of a tire blowout.

As mentioned above; age, heat and how often the trailer is used affects the dependability of the tire. If you want to go full time in your trailer and do not have adequate and dependable tires, you could run into various issues.

For a trailer used for occasional camping and not used every day, you typically want to replace your RV tires every 3-6 years.

How Many Miles Are RV Tires Good For

The more your tires sit, the more likely they are to break down and crack. If you drive your rig often and take care of your tires, you should have reliable tires for many years to come.

How many miles you can dependably drive your RV tires also depends on how well inflated they are. A good rule of thumb is to check your tire inflation every single time you hit the road to ensure correct inflation. You can run into problems if you leave your tires under-inflated or over-inflated. If you do not air up your tires properly, you could have a tire blowout and end up on the side of the road.

When it comes to mileage, if you are taking long road trips, often you are likely going to need to change out your tires because your tread will begin to diminish. While there is not an exact mileage that your tires are good for, inspecting your tires frequently will ensure you replace them as needed.

How Long Do RV Tires Last

How to Know if RV Tires are Bad

One way to know if it’s time to retire your RV tires is to find the date they were manufactured. You can tell the date your tires were created by finding the date code located on your tire. Search for a series of numbers that come after the letters DOT on the tire to identify just how old it is.

The last four digits tell you the week, and year your RV tire was made. For example, if your identification number says 1207, then that specific tire was designed in the 12th week of 2007. If the current tire is five or more years old, it is time to invest in some new tires.

There are a few standard things to look for on the RV tires that may show you that it’s time to invest in some new tires. You can inspect your trailer tires for cracks along the outside of your tire. These cracks can come about from old age, heat, and even just sitting too long in one place. If your tires are cracked, it is time to get a new set of tires.

Although it may be a large investment to get a new set of tires, it will help you to feel confident with your family and belongings in tow.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace Your RV Tires

The cost of replacing your RV tires will depend on the type of tire you need, as well as what kind of rig you drive.

If you drive a motorhome or Class A RV, you will need bigger tires, which will typically be more expensive. When buying motorhomes, tires can be around 300 dollars each. The price can vary depending on the brand of the tire, as well as the weight it can hold.

If you are driving a trailer or fifth wheel, you will need smaller tires; they are typically way less expensive. Again, the tire’s price will vary depending on the type of tire, the brand, and the weight it can hold. Typically for travel trailer tires, you are looking at spending between $100-200 dollars each.

Saving money for your trailer tires is a crucial step to ensure you have the cash you need to keep your trailer safe and help you and your family continue to go on adventures.


When it comes to how long your RV tires last, the best rule of thumb is between three to six years. There are a variety of factors that will, of course, affect the amount of time your tires can last and still be safe to use.

A few factors to consider are how often you are traveling, the age of your tires, as well as elements such as sun and heat. Each of these factors may wear down your tires quicker, causing you to replace your tires sooner rather than later. Check your tire’s age by looking at the manufacturer number, telling you the week and year your tire was made.

Whatever trip you take, always make sure to check your tire’s air pressure as well as inspect your tire for any damage or cracks. Doing this simple step will help prolong your RV tire’s life and help you and your family use your RV for years to come. Your RV tires are incredibly important to keep your RV or trailer safely on the road.


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