Best 4 Person Camping Tents (5 Low Budget Options)

If you’re in a hurry and just want to find out what the best 4 person camping tent is, then we recommend the ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4-Person Tent.

Camping season is upon us! While this can be one of the most fun times of the year, it can also be one of the most stressful, especially if you have the wrong size tent. A tent that’s too big might be a pain to lug around and setup. A tent that’s too small poses its own problems too! Nothing is worse than a cramped tent, right? For most campers, a 4 person tent is just the right size.

best 4 person camping tent

Naturally, getting one of the best four-person tents can be difficult due to the cost. However, there are many low-cost options that can work for most budgets. Does the lower cost also result in a lower quality tent? Sometimes, this can be the case.

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However, there are several brands that sell great tents at a lower cost to you. The only catch is that most of them are not huge brands in the world of tents. As weird as it might be, there actually are some top brands that sell these bigger 4-person tents on budget-friendly prices too.

Don’t believe us? We have gathered five such tents that you’ll love. Before we get to them, however, let’s dive into some important factors you need to consider before buying a 4 man tent.

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How to Select The Best 4 Man Camping Tent

best four person camping tent


If there is one thing you’re going to need more than anything else, it’s space. When you go camping with more than 2 people, you need to get a tent that reflects that. Trying to fit everyone into a smaller tent is asking for a miserable trip. No one wants that.

This is why the best 4-person tents will have plenty of room for you and at least 3 other people. Of course, each tent you look into may end up being a different make or model…possibly even one from another brand. Due to this, the exact room each offer is hard to give.

However, you’re going to need to look for something in the neighborhood of 7’6 x 8’6. If you find one with more space, even better!

Size & Weight

It does not matter what time of year you go camping. The size of your tent can be a difficult thing to deal with. You do not want to have to carry something around that will be a back killer. That said, a 4 person tent is going to be lighter than you think.

The average weight usually ranges from 7lbs to 20lbs. However, most are in the median here, which is pretty easy to carry. In fact, it could be done with one teenager. So if you have a kid that is in this age bracket, make them a small pack mule. They’re young! Make use of them while you have them.

Climate & Weather Protection

Let’s be honest here, you know tents need to be equipped with proper safety features. It is obvious that they need to be able to handle the weather you may encounter. Most of the best 4-person camping tents are going to either be water-resistant or waterproof.

The better version is the latter, of course. However, that does not mean the former is bad. Both are good, it’s just…waterproof offers far more protection. Such as keeping your tent from being flooded.

Other features certain tents may have is UV Protection, which helps on hot days when the sun is shining really bright. Others may be cleared for wind protection and/or have a mesh bug shield to keep the bugs out at night. This just scratches this surface, as there are some tents with even more protective features.

Review: Best 4-Person Camping Tents

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4-Person Tent

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ALPS has made it a habit to appear on a lot of our outdoor lists, especially when it relates to tents. Why? They simply know how to create a terrific tent at a price that is fair for everyone. This is on display yet again, giving them one of the best 4-person camping tents on the market today.

The best part of this option from ALPS is that there is literally no assembly frustration with it. That is key, as a lot of these 4-person trips tend to involve families. If you’re the mom or dad in this case, the last thing you want is to have a frustrating tent set-up.

The entire ALPS Lynx Tent series are easy to use, free-standing designs. They are an aluminum two-pole design to ensure stability. This is followed by useful guy ropes and #8 zippers.

Overall, the tent has a good bit of space, with center height at a comfortable 52-inches. The storage room is incredible with this tent too, as it includes two vestibule areas for extra room.

The protection is great with this tent too, as it is protected from UV Damage. It even includes a polyester tent fly that helps to keep the tent water-resistant.

The best part may end up being the weight, at least for the person carrying it. ALPS made this tent, at the most, 8 lbs. That is it. Now that is a lightweight tent!

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GEERTOP Portable 4 Person Tent

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Geertop is not incredibly well-known in the industry. However, they are quickly becoming a favorite of many due to this tent. In our book, it is one of the best-made tents on the market. It seems they thought of everything too.

The inner tend contains 210 T breathable polyester with high-density fine nylon mesh. This helps to keep you from getting too warm and even helps with bug issues.

It is also waterproof, containing 210 D PU 5000 mm Oxford fabric on the floor. It also contains 210 T PU 3000 mm anti-tear checkered polyester for the fly tarp. Meanwhile, it is double-stitched in its seams to keep water completely out.

The tent uses strong aluminum poles and a double zipper design that allows you to open it from the inside and outside. To top it off, the storage space is terrific with included inner storage pockets allowing you to keep tons of items.

Plenty of ventilation only helps with UV protection as it contains 2 ventilation windows as well as 2 entrances. Yet these can be sealed to offer better warmth on colder days too. That makes this tent perfect for all 4 seasons.

The tent is slightly over 9 lbs too, making it easy to travel with. Then the set-up takes no time at all. It is even easier to break down and pack away as you move on to your next location or head home. Truly, this is one of the best 4-person camping tents on the market for sure.

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Kelty Wireless Tent

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Kelty is an outdoor brand that likes to make life easier for the average outdoor enthusiast. We cannot possibly love them more for this. I have owned a Kelty Grand Mesa 2 for years and I was impressed with how well it has put up with all the abuse I’ve put it through.  Yet again, they have made another great product. This time it is in the category of the 4-man tent.

For our money, to make a great four-person camping tent, you need a few major things. We even mentioned a few of them already, in fact. Kelty has delivered in this category well as they made a tent that is reasonably capable of handling numerous issues.

It also has great ventilation as it has two Big D doors on both sides–this makes getting in and out of the tent easy. This includes no-see-um mesh sidewalls that can let warm air out but won’t let bugs in. On top of this, they added taped floor seams to keep water out.

A few other great additions are the internal storage that offers lots of space as well as the tremendous noiseless zipper pulls.

This particular model features quick connect corners to make it easier to set up and tear down the tent–with my experience with the Kelty Grand Mesa, it’s pretty easy to set up and tear down anyway, so it looks like they are pushing the envelope on that front.

The set-up is seamless and they even color-coded everything just to make sure you won’t have any issues with it. The overall space is great too, with 59 total feet of space on the floor. Yet the width is roughly 7 feet with a length of 8 feet.

Traveling with this tent will be a breeze too, as it’s just under 11 lbs.

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Coleman Dome Tent for Camping

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The Coleman team are masters at the tent game by now. It is not hard to see why they end up on so many “best of” lists as a result. They have done it again with this Dome Tent, as it ranks as one of the best 4-person tents for camping that we have seen.

The reason for this might very well have to do with the weather it can handle. First and foremost, it seals up the tent with inverted seams and welded corners to keep water out. This essentially makes the tent water-resistant. The included rainfly further helps with water issues.

Made with polyester fabric, it also has a strong frame. Thus, it has been cleared to handle at least 35 mph winds and a bit higher. Most storms won’t contain wind beyond this but if they do, you’re likely in a tornado or hurricane situation. Very few tents will do well there.

The overall WeatherTec System helps exponentially. This even includes the screen room where you can sit during the day without worrying about bugs.

Included is the tremendous darkroom technology. It blocks out 90% of sunlight versus other tents according to Coleman. This offers great UV Protection and will allow you to sleep in even as the sun comes up. Obviously heat is reduced greatly inside the tent due to this technology.

The added E-Port makes it simple to bring any electronics into the tent.

All in all, the tent takes roughly 15 minutes or less to set up. Due to coming with a carrying case, this is the heaviest tent on our list at around 15 lbs. However, this is still not very heavy.

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CORE Equipment 4 Person Instant Dome Tent

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CORE is another in a long line of newer outdoor brands compared to the ones we have seen. In spite of their newer appeal, they know exactly what needs to be done with their products. That is why they managed to make one of the best 4-person camping tents with this Instant Dome version.

When deciding to make a four-person camping tent that can hang with the top brands, you need to set yourself apart somewhere. They did that with their H20 Block Technology. This prevents water from becoming an issue for the tent.

It includes water repellent fabrics, sealed seams, and a fully taped rainfly. On top of this, both the windows and the door are also rain-resistant.

Ventilation was also considered, as they added an adjustable ground vent to rid the tent of warmer air. On top of that, CORE added a lantern hook as well as pockets inside to keep items stored and safe.

This 100% Polyester tent is very easy to set-up too. It’s similar to a pop-up tent in that it literally comes together with ease. It takes roughly 30 seconds to completely put together, which is incredibly fast.

Overall, this is one of the best four-person camping tents in the world and well worth the investment.

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Every single tent on this list is worth checking out more for sure. You’ll love them all, we guarantee it. However, this is a list of the best 4-person camping tents for those on a budget. So, we put our list together with the price in mind.

While there might be some tents that are great out there, we did not include certain ones due to wanting the focus to be on the best for the price. That said, you cannot really go wrong with any on the list.

If you want one that can be great for weekend getaways, then the Kelty or ALPS options might be your best bet. However, if you’re looking for one that can be great for couples not wishing to be disturbed…it’s clear the Coleman option is best due to its darkroom technology.

Meanwhile, if you want one that can be used just about anywhere at any time…you need one that can handle all weather possibilities. It’s clear the best two for you in that department are the options from CORE & GEERTOP.

Both have many features that prove they can handle whatever comes their way. This is something you need when you want to go camping whenever.

All in all, these are some of the best four-person camping tents on the market today. We feel one or call could fit the needs of most outdoor enthusiasts.


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