Are Crocs Good For Walking?

Crocs are some of the most comfortable shoes out there, but are they good for walking?

Standard Crocs are not good for walking long distances because they don’t offer enough heel support. Walking in them too much can result in toe problems and tendonitis. However, the Crocs brand offers types of Crocs that are made for all-day wear. If you expect to be on your feet a lot and want to stay comfortable, these are the better option.


It’s easy to assume that any comfortable footwear should be okay to walk in. That said, some shoes become a lot less comfortable when you spend a lot of time walking in them. Our feet need proper support, space, and airflow in order to remain comfortable on the journey. Shoes that don’t have heel support, like Crocs, can end up causing problems when used regularly.

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On the other hand, Crocs can sometimes provide comfort where other shoes don’t. There are many people out there who would happily wear these shoes for the rest of their lives. As I searched for information on how people generally feel about walking in Crocs, I found that these shoes are either loved or hated. There isn’t a whole lot of gray area.

Because of this contention, I want to take a deeper look at what Crocs have to offer as well as where they might cause issues for those wearing them. Continue to find an in-depth look at whether or not Crocs are the ideal walking shoes.

Is It Okay To Wear Crocs For Walking?

Many people swear by Crocs as their ideal shoe. This may or may not be you.

When I find a comfortable pair of shoes, I typically want to wear them as often as I can. The fact is that some shoes aren’t great for wearing all day long, especially if you’re on your feet all day or are prone to foot or leg issues.

What I found in my research was that many people use Crocs as their go-to footwear. Whether they’re at home, going for a walk, hiking, or even walking around Disneyland, Crocs are the shoes they adore. Additionally, there are many people who rely on Crocs to provide relief from foot-related issues. Often, these people haven’t been able to get the comfort they need from other kinds of shoes.

Anecdotally, most experiences are highly positive when it comes to the comfort and support provided by Crocs. There are a few who share stories about seeing others either losing their shoes or developing blisters while trying to hike in Crocs, but few first-person accounts of these same issues. Instead, users often claim that Crocs are great for walking because they limit pain, allow for airflow, and provide quality arch support.

It’s also important to note that doctors, and podiatrists more specifically, may have different opinions about whether or not Crocs are great shoes to use for walking. As always, consult your local physician who is knowledgeable about footwear and podiatry if you have any medical issues with your feet.

What Do The Professionals Say?

According to, most podiatrists won’t suggest wearing your Crocs for long walks. Over time, the lack of heel support can cause serious foot problems. Generally speaking, podiatrists say that there’s nothing wrong with wearing these shoes at home or while running errands, but they should be avoided in situations where you’ll need to walk on unsteady surfaces or for long periods of time.

However, Crocs has such a very strong brand association with their most common model. In other words, when someone says Crocs they are thinking of one particular model of shoe that you see everywhere.

However, there are some Croc shoes that are designed to eliminate these design problems. Specialized Crocs work shoes are designed for people who need more support for their feet. These shoes are ideal if you want to wear your Crocs in a wider variety of situations.

If you want to browse all the Crocs for work and for extensive wearing and walking, check out their website, here. (affiliate link)

Benefits Of Crocs

An article like this just wouldn’t exist if there weren’t some benefits that made Crocs appealing. It’s clear that there are a lot of people out there who enjoy these shoes. After all, they can be found just about everywhere from malls to grocery stores. Below, I’ve listed some of the major benefits that people get from Crocs.

Crocs Are Comfortable

There’s a reason Crocs have remained a popular choice for so long – they’re incredibly comfortable. Made from soft materials, these shoes are able to provide decent arch support and avoid placing too much pressure in the wrong spots. More often than not, people who normally aren’t fans of Crocs become fans once they’ve tried them on and experienced the comfort for themselves.

Breathability Keeps Feet Cool

Most people have at least seen a pair of Crocs. They have a unique look, appearing like a foam shoe that had a fight with a hole punch tool.

The holes that cover these shoes are actually quite helpful. They allow air to move through the shoes, keeping your feet cool. Additionally, they allow your feet to dry more quickly if you’ve been walking in water

They’re Easy To Wear

Crocs work well for anyone who wants a shoe they can just slip on. No laces, Velcro, or straps to get in the way. While that might not sound like a big deal, it can be beneficial for people who have a more challenging time bending down to get their shoes on correctly. As you might expect, they come off just as easily. That can be a bit of an issue in certain circumstances, but most of the time it just adds to the convenience of wearing Crocs.

Assistance For People With Foot Problems

In my research, I found that people with all kinds of foot and ankle problems can benefit from wearing Crocs. Just a few of these issues include:

  • Sprained ankles
  • Bunions
  • Heel spurs
  • Arthritis
  • Foot, ankle, or knee pain

This is incredibly specific to the person–you have to try them out yourself to see if they work, nobody else’s experience can tell you how Crocs will work for your feet in these situations.

Although other shoes may not be as friendly to issues like these, people often find that Crocs provide the softness and support that makes getting around more comfortable. That’s a big deal for those who have a hard time walking around without pain generally. In some cases, Crocs are even recommended for those who are recovering from surgery.

Cleanup Is Simple

If your Crocs need to be washed, you can easily wipe them down with soap and water or just wear them in the shower. There’s no need to run them through the washing machine like you may need to with other kinds of shoes. To make the process even easier, some people opt to own two pairs of Crocs – one for inside and one for outside.

Downfalls Of Crocs

Crocs have a lot to offer, but it’s important to be aware of where these shoes fall flat. There aren’t as many downfalls to Crocs as there are advantages, but those downfalls might make all the difference between a comfortable pair of shoes and some serious foot pain.

Furthermore, remember that most people think Crocs has just one model of shoe–but they have many models that overcome many of these downfalls if you’re committed to the brand and the style. Check out their website to see more styles.

There’s A Lack Of Heel Support

Most shoes that are recommended for longer-term use are those that can offer both arch support and heel support. Unfortunately, standard Crocs aren’t designed to provide support for the heel.

Because of that, they can contribute to certain kinds of foot problems. According to Fords Foot And Ankle Care, shoes like Crocs can cause issues with corns, ingrown toenails, tendonitis, and more. If you wear your Crocs often, it’s important to keep an eye out for signs of these issues to catch them early.

The Design Is Wide And Loose

Standard Crocs aren’t really designed to provide the same level of support for all users. Their design lends itself well to those who have wider feet, but not those who don’t. Some people won’t get the support that they need, leading to discomfort and other kinds of issues.

Because of this, it can be a good idea to try out your Crocs for shorter periods of time to determine whether or not they are a good fit for your feet.

Crocs Aren’t Ideal For All Activities

As comfortable as they may be, Crocs won’t be the best choice for every situation. For the most part, Crocs are suited to flat, stable surfaces. That means they won’t have the support you need for things like hikes or all-day adventures in most cases.

There are some out there who will swear by Crocs for hiking, (you can read more about hiking in Crocs in our article here) but many more have picked up injuries or have lost their footwear in some mud. In any situation where your Crocs might experience more wear and tear, it’s wise to at least bring some backup shoes.

The shoes (and other clothing items) that work in most situations may not always work while hiking. Before heading out into the wilderness, it’s important to know what items might actually be a detriment to you. Learn about what not to wear while hiking in our article here.

Your Friends And Family Might Tease You

Most people are aware that Crocs aren’t the most stylish shoes out there. It’s entirely possible that someone might crack a joke at the expense of your footwear. If you aren’t someone who is overly concerned with being trendy, then a few jokes won’t be a big deal.

Where Is It Okay To Walk In Crocs?

Considering how popular they are, it only makes sense that there are situations in which Crocs are useful. As you might have guessed from their name, Crocs were originally intended for use around water – such as while boating. Due to their comfort, people began wearing them in all kinds of places. Let’s take a look at which of those places are Croc-friendly and which aren’t.

Because these shoes were designed with water in mind, you may wonder if Crocs are good for hiking through water, or when you’re kayaking. Even if they aren’t great for hiking in general, this can still be a decent way to get some use out of them. In our article on the topic here, we’ll take a look into how well Crocs function as water shoes.

Where You Can Walk In Crocs

For the most part, Crocs are a cozy option for just about anywhere. You can wear them around the house, on shorter walks or errands, and while you’re lounging around camp. Basically, as long as you aren’t going to be doing any intense exercise, there’s nothing wrong with wearing your Crocs.

If you’ve opted for the higher-end Crocs designed for the workplace, your options will expand to things like wearing them to work or on all-day walks on flat surfaces. The specialized styles are designed to be worn by healthcare employees who are on their feet all day, so they offer more heel support to keep your feet comfortable.

Consequently, these shoes can also be suitable for walking around Disneyland or other tourist destinations.

Where You Shouldn’t Walk In Crocs

Regular Crocs may be comfortable, but they aren’t considered a great option for all-day walking. This is mostly due to the lack of heel support. Without that support, your body will naturally try to overcompensate in ways that result in strain on other muscles and tendons in the feet.

The Bay Care Clinic states that when our heels don’t have support to press against, our toes attempt to grip to provide support in a different way. That gripping causes toe issues and a greater risk for tendonitis.

Because of that, it’s better to avoid walking in regular Crocs all day. You may not notice any serious issues after a day or two, but the risk increases as you continue to rely on these shoes for long walks over time. If you’re looking for a Crocs shoe that is better suited to all-day use, take a look at Crocs At Work.

In either regular Crocs or Workplace Crocs, flat surfaces are ideal. That means it’s not generally a good idea to hike in these shoes. Workplace Crocs may be more reliable out on the trail, but a good pair of hiking shoes or boots will still be better for your feet.

This is particularly true if you’re hiking in wet weather. Crocs and similar shoe styles can easily get lost in muddy areas, leaving you without footwear. Blisters can also be a greater issue when trying to hike in Crocs.

Believe it or not, there are actually some hikers who love Crocs as well. It’s only a small percentage, but you never know if you might be among these die-hard Croc fans. Learn more in our article on the topic here.

Is It Okay To Wear Crocs All Day?

Ultimately, there isn’t one correct answer for everyone. Different lifestyles and bodily needs play into whether or not wearing Crocs all day long is a good idea. There are also a variety of different Crocs available that are suited to different kinds of use.

To begin with, let’s take a look at regular Crocs. Standard Croc shoes are best used as errand shoes. They can be used for shorter periods of time without too many issues, but aren’t the best when you need to be on your feet all day. For those who work from home, or in a casual office environment where there isn’t a need to be standing or walking all day, regular Crocs can be a fantastic option.

Furthermore, I mentioned previously that people who are struggling with issues in their feet or legs can benefit from either regular or specialized Crocs. In many cases, these situations come with a need for regular rest regardless of the shoes being worn. Whether you experience issues with foot pain or not, it’s often okay to wear regular Crocs all day as long as you’re getting plenty of breaks.

For those who are on their feet most of the day, regular Crocs aren’t an ideal choice. Instead, opting for specialized Crocs is the way to go. The brand offers a selection of Crocs styles that are designed to be worn in jobs in the healthcare field, hospitality, and cooking positions. Options like the Graphic Clog, Specialist II Clog, and even the Work Flat are all suited to being worn all day. These choices offer a greater amount of heel support alongside that well-known Crocs comfort.


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